Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9, 2008

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

We have settled in the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort for a couple of weeks before heading down to LA to be with the kids and grandkids for the holidays. We plan to stay here until December 24, 2008.

Last Thursday night, our friend John (who is camping next to us here with Marijean) drove us up to Cambria for the Holiday in the Pines evening (or whatever they are calling it this year). We were able to connect with Pat and Bill who have done so much to help us stay traveling this great country for the last eight months, and were able to see some our real estate agents in the office.

We also saw lots of friends that we haven't seen since April. It was a fun evening. We even got to attend the program put on by the Cambria Chorale and the schools. The room was packed and they put on a great program. Really got us into the holiday mood.

Then, we spent our first night in our house after being gone for so long. It was weird -- that's all I will say about it. Someone called us the "modern day gypsies" when we were in Cambria and we are beginning to believe that the term truely applies to us.

Pat and Bill were able to join us on Sunday afternoon in Pismo. Together with John and Marijean, we all went out for a wonderful dinner at Steamers. Jerry and I can't believe that we have lived in Cambria since 1999 and we never heard of Steamers before. Needless to say, we will be going there again in the future. Not only that, John (Marijean went back to Long Beach on Monday for her job), Jerry and I went there again for happy hour tonight to have their steamed clams.

We love it here in Pismo. See the great picture below that Jerry took of the sunset the other night.

This is an open invitation for anyone who is reading this blog and lives in the area to come to see us while we are here. Just call us at 909-0909 to make sure we are here at the time as we have picked up my car and just may be out and about. As we said above, we will be here until December 24th.

We hope everyone starts enjoying this season now as it is a special time of the year.

Will update you again before we leave here.

Jerry and Mary