Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Well, we were in Laughlin, NV for just one night. The last time we were there (back in the 70s), there were only a couple of casinos and a riverboat hotel. Now, it is Las Vegas 30 years ago. Lots of activity and city lights. We stayed in an RV park that had 750 spaces, a shuttle running every 30 minutes to the casino, and we had a beautiful view of the city at night. (Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures.)

On to Indio -- where we stayed in what is probably the most exclusive, elegant RV park in the world. It's the newest concept in RVing -- where you can purchase your own lot and improve it with an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, jacuzzi, etc. The lots are located either on a golf course or the waterway. This place has the ultimate high-end RVs parked on the lots, many for the winter season. In all of the thousands of miles we traveled in our RV this year and last year, we never saw this caliber of RVs on the road. These people purchase $1-2 million dollar coaches and, basically, just park them on their lot(s) as a winter condo. One guy had two $2 million dollar RVs parked in the place. The lots on the water have boat pads. See pictures below.

One really good thing about being there, we were able to hook up with old friends, Sandy and Larry. I've know Sandy since 1983 when I first started working at Hughes. We had them over for dinner on the RV. They live in Indian Wells, about 25 minutes from where we were staying in Indio. It was a fun evening.

Right now we are in another place close to Temecula, CA where one can also purchase their own lot. This place is great, too -- but doesn't begin to compare to Indio.

Tomorrow, we leave to join John and Marijean in Pechunga for Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't eat too much. (Since we had the traditional thankgiving dinner with our son, Sean, in North Dakota a couple of months ago, we will be having prime rib, full bone cut for each, instead of turkey.)

Love to all,

Jerry and Mary

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

Hi Everyone,

We are on our way back to California. After leaving Salt Lake City, we spent one night (on our way to Las Vegas) at Fillmore, Utah. We took pictures of the spectacular sunset sky that night. (See pictures below.)

Then, we were on to Las Vegas where we have been since Saturday. The weather is beautiful, in the low 80s and getting into the 50s at night. I've spent a few hours gambling, enough to get it out of my system without losing everything -- but not making anything, either.

We leave tomorrow for Laughlin, NV, and from there we go to Indio and Palm Springs. Then, on to Temecula to spend Thanksgiving with our friends, John and Marijean (also RVers).

Just received our mail today (thanks again, Pat and Bill), and have lots of it to go through. Always brings us back to reality!!!

Keep living the life you love.

Jerry and Mary

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend we drove from Jackson Hole, WY to Salt Lake City, UT in one day. It was a long drive over high mountains. I had fun taking pictures along the way because the scenery was beautiful.

We've spent the week here in Salt Lake City and, on two occasions, walked from the campsite to downtown and back (1.8 mile each way). Then, in the middle of the week, it snowed. Chanti's little paws kept slipping in the snow when she went out. Below are a couple of pictures of our RV in the snow. It was cool and we immediately put on Christmas music.

The last three days were spent at the XanGo 6th Annual Convention at the Salt Palace. There were 10,000 distributors in attendance. What excitement! XanGo, in 6 years, has sold $1.5 billion dollars of the mangosteen juice. It was the first company to bring this super fruit from South East Asia to market and is the category creator.

Now, the company just released its Glimpse skin care line -- and, again, is the first company to create a clean, green skin care product with no toxins or harmful chemicals -- another category creation. The skin care line contains the mangosteen fruit with its high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We are proud to be associated with this great company.

Today (Sunday) we experienced what it really means to "take a day of rest" here in Utah. Almost everything was closed -- including our favorite lunch stop, Subway. While parking spots were hard to find around the Convention Center during the week, no problem today!

We expect to leave here on Tuesday and head slowly back to California via Las Vegas. Will tell you more in our next blog update. Until then, have no regrets and continue living the life you love.

Jerry and Mary